Our Brands

Sustainable Sprinkles is our main brand that features 3 inclusive diaper sizes as well as many absorbency options and much more.
Bray Cloth Co™ features the same fit as Sustainable Sprinkles™ but focuses on neutral and simplified options.
Naturalets is a luxury cloth brand by Sustainable Sprinkles™ made with thick but luxuriously soft pul and with similar sizing to the Sustainable Sprinkles™ diaper fit but it has its own shape. Naturalets™ has more waist snap options and its own shape and are only sold with a cotton 2 layer trifold made from premium bamboo cotton.
Bright Mellow is a retro themed clothing brand made by Sustainable Sprinkles™.
Cloth Bébé is a brand Sustainable Sprinkles™ acquired January 2024 the diaper is made from the same luxurious thick pul as our brand Naturalets™ and is a fully wipeable cover that includes snap in inserts. The Cloth Bébé diaper will be adjusted to fit more like the Sustainable Sprinkles™ fit once the current inventory is sold and this brand will be rebranded under the Naturalets™ line.