Shipping Insurance Policy

We offer this shipping policy for a low fee to help protect your purchase from loss and damage. Please read below for everything that is and is not covered. if you have questions please email us at


Is package loss covered:

if a package is lots by the shipping company and never arrives and is not marked deliverer it is covered and we will replace the items.


My items were damaged:

If your package arrived damaged please contact us with images showing the damage and we will get it take care of right away.


If my package is lost or damaged will the insurance fee be refunded:

the insurance fee is non refundable and is what makes the loss insured.


If my package is lost or damaged will the shipping fee be refunded:

the shipping fee is non refundable and is not included in the reimbursement the items were shipped and our policy covers only the items themselves not the shipping fees.


My package shows delivered but i can't find it:

unfortunately if a package shows delivered this is not covered, we recommend contacting the post office right away as they have gps tags attached to each scan and they can check if it was delivered to the wrong address which is hopefully the case.


Our shipping insurance is meant to get your package there safe however once it leaves our hands the shipping service is responsible for the actual delivery and if they mark it delivered we cant access or do anything so in this circumstances you will need to contact the postal service for assistance.



If you have any questions, suggestions or need anything else please reach out and let us know at