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BRAY Midway™ Master trainers - Celery

BRAY Midway™ Master trainers - Celery

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our new version of trainers feature 2 layers of bamboo cotton and the lining is bamboo cotton so they can feel the wetness. Our trainers also have a pocket in back to add absorbency as needed. Our training pants are designed to slip on and off easily but can be unsnapped on either side for easy removal. The Master trainer offers an extended sizing so it can fit even longer.

  1. 3 layers of bamboo cotton for built in absorbency
  2. back pocket to add absorbency as needed.
  3. side snaps so the can be unsnapped and easily take off when you need.
  4. Super thick back and front elastic
  5. Tummy Panel to help prevent leaks during nap or night times.
  6. 3 x 4 rise snaps.
  7. CPSIA Compliant

Fore sizing help please check our sizing page here

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