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Mini collapsible washer - Lavender

Mini collapsible washer - Lavender

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1. Easy collapsible bucket style design to reduce storage space. Easily fits under a the sink or bed or where ever you find convenient without taking up too much space or being awkward to find a place to store.

2. 8L High Capacity Mini Washer.  For washing smaller items including for helping rise cloth diapers, wash underwear, socks etc.

3. Strong spinning capability to help agitate clothing and get items clean. For soiled diapers the cycle is short so you may need to dump and re-laod a few times or you can use the machine exclusively to rinse the yuck out of diapers and then rinse before putting in your regular washer. We have never used this to exclusively wash diapers so we do not know if it alone is enough to get them fully clean but for small spaces and those who hand wash it can at least help make getting them clean less work.

3.  Deep clean & Energy-saving. The washer machine will send out vibration waves for a higher clean rate to remove dirt more effectively. Energy-saving , saving water and electricity.

Storing and cleaning your machine:
1. When storing the machine, please wipe the whole machine, fold the machine according to the folding method of the folding washer, and close the lid.
2. to clean you can fill with hot water and drop a bleach tablet and run 2 cycles then empty and refill with water and run one more cycle to rinse.

Package Includes:
1 Folding washing machine
1 Drain basket
1 USA Standard Plug

Cleaning Capacity: 8L

(Before folding) 11.6 x 11.6 x 11.6 Inches
(After folding) 11.6 x 11.6 x 5.7 Inches

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