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BRAY Mini Pocket Diaper - Salmon

BRAY Mini Pocket Diaper - Salmon

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Meet the Wonder fit – The one fit wonder!

Our Wonder fit™ multi-size diapers snap down smaller and unsnap to fit larger than the average diaper on the market so for most stages our Mini Wonder fit™ is a true one fit wonder and they will last you much longer than most in your early cloth diapering journey!

The list of features is extensive. Here’s a quick rundown:

Generously sized: designed for babes approximately 6-24+lbs

PUL outer (polyurethane laminate – which means the fabric we use has been “laminated” making it water resistant to help avoid leaks)

Double pocket opening:

PUL tummy panel - no leaks through the top (great for tummy sleepers). Our tummy panel also comes with a hidden front pocket underneath for easy access for stuffing or unstuffing.

Back pocket with stretchy double elastic opening

Super thick back elastics to keep baby comfortable and prevent angry pressure lines and to prevent blowouts.

Two by eight waist snaps with female top row and male bottom row.

Middle indicating snap

Three by four rise snaps – that's five levels of adjustability to get the perfect fit

Double hip snap – so wings stay securely in place.

Double sets of Wrap Snaps™ - Makes it easier to get the perfect fit and adjust the wings as needed for a smaller fit and can also be used to secure dirty diapers on the go.

Super stretchy leg elastics for comfortable fit

Athletic wicking jersey lining - it's super soft to keep baby cool and comfy. This material makes rinsing and clean up a breeze.

For sizing help please check our sizing page here

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